President's Corner

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First, a formal greeting to the Venture Crew 4. Whether you are a member reading this, or simply a passerby on the World Wide Web; salutations! Venture Crew 4 is something new in this area, yet it's premise dates back to the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Many of the old boys of '63 came back to the fields of Gettysburg in 1913, and realized what a mark they had left on thiscontinent. The American Civil War would change America, not only in appearance but also in ideology. Yet 50 years had done the same damage to them that the heat of battle had 50 years before. The vets needed help onto busses, the camp city that they were staying in required construction, and because of their frailty they needed help. And guess who was called upon to take up the task? Yes, the Boy Scouts.

Now, being that there aren't any veterans left, that task is finished. Yet there is an even greater task for us. We must honor the soldiers that fought for, in many cases, our own freedoms. This may seem daunting, but our actions as reenactors are to honor those that fought.

Since the call to arms being listed, let us move on to the crew itself. The 12th US Infantry Regiment, Co. A, charters Venture Crew 4. Being Regulars, we will strive for perfection in our drill, our dress, and our daily life (at reenactments of course). The Regulars were a highly respected fighting force that would see their way to near decimation by the end of the war. We are the "Right of Line," something you will learn about with you experience in Venture Crew 4.

But we aren't simply seeking new recruits for the field. If interested, you may decide to do a civilian impression. Many people followed the army, from reporters and journalists, to photographers and merchants. Some of you may be interested in what life would have been like for a Harper's Weekly reporter.

But there are two demands that I have above all others: dedication and a positive attitude. This isn't a cheap hobby, but don't let that scare you away. It is very possible to fund this hobby by fundraising, but that requires dedication. The Crew will succeed only but the efforts of the group. When everyone does what they can, the group will flourish. There have been Venture Crews in New York State that were doing well, but they began to die when members stopped working for the good of the unit.

The second demand is a positive attitude. Nothing will move the Crew forward more than optimism. At the same token, nothing will harm the crew more than pessimism. Crew 4 holds a standard of positive attitude for that reason. I know it sounds corny and childish, but the truth that we learned as children holds through now.

Ladies and Gentlemen: That is my opening dispatch. I know that it will seem overwhelming at first, but reenacting is a very enjoyable hobby. As much as you put in, that much you will reap. I am always available to talk via e-mail, and it would be my pleasure to give you a hand. The ball is now in your court, you gonna come and play?

Private Alexander Mackenzie Stowe
President, Venture Crew 4

Last Updated on 4/26/05

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