Crews News Volume 001
Contents: From the Campfire by Corporal Charles Poltenson, Sr
  First Impressions by Corporal Charles Poltenson, Sr
Tidbits from Moore's Rural New-Yorker provided by Miss Pamela


Welcome to the first issue of "Crews News", the monthly (we hope) newsletter for Venture Crew 4. From my long background in Scouting I thought that I would use as my heading "From the Campfire". It's been around many a fire that I've experienced so much: camaraderie, laughter, long discussions, sagely advice and songs. As Advisor to the new Venture Crew I will do my very best to provide training, guidance and see to it that it is a worthwhile, educational and fun Scouting experience, as well as reenacting experience.

I appreciate the enthusiasm of the Crew members and their dedication to the history they portray. I also wish to thank the 12th US Infantry, Company A, for their willingness to host a Venture Crew. Our goals and objectives are covered elsewhere by our President, Private Alex Stowe, so I will not expand upon them here.

The Venture Crew chose the number "4" for several reasons. First was that "12" was unavailable, secondly we felt if we had to choose another number, then we would want it to be in appreciation of our associated unit, the 4th United States Infantry from the Washington DC area (General Grant's old unit).

"Crews News" will contain informational articles and tips for those young people joining the crew and getting into reenacting (or thinking about it), as well as occasional scouting information. This will not only cover military, but civilian portrayals as well. We hope that this also becomes a resource for other Venture Crews around the country that wish to link to us.

If you have any questions about what we do, or about Venturing with the 12th US Infantry, feel free to contact any us listed on the Venturing page of the website and we'll be happy to talk to you.

Your Obedient Servant,

Corporal Charles A. Poltenson, Sr.
Crew Advisor

Last Updated on 5/7/05

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