Crews News Volume 002 - Nov 05
Contents: Uniforms by President Alexander M. Stowe
  Reenacting Safety by Lt. Paul Killius

by President Alexander M. Stowe


In the off season it is important to try to improve our uniforms along with our impression. To the uniform, there are many good,period pictures that we can use. The question always comes up as to the commonality of frocks and shoulder scales. Mostly for dress occasions, this uniform was seen in other areas.

This soldier (left) is guarding one of the bridges that spans across the Potomac, leading to Washington DC. He doesn't wear his Hardee, but he does have well polished scales, and afrock.

This man (right) is waiting to deploy from Yorktown, Virginia. Notice also how close he wears his cap box to his belt buckle. His canteen and haversack also go below his belt, and his breastplate isn't in the middle of his chest. Yet he wears his hat down on his forehead, giving the possibility that this man is a Regular. His brass is well polished, along with his gun.

Notice again, the man in the middle (left) is wearing a frock with scales, hat down over his eyes. These men are also preparing to deploy from Yorktown. Notice the vest on the man on the left. He seems to have it fastened by only one button. The man on the right wears a homespun, calico shirt and what appear to be white canvas suspenders.

These Regulars (right) are at the dedication of the national cemetery at Gettysburg. Notice the scales, frocks, and Hardees. Yet also, notice how far back the men wear their boxes. They are mostly over their right butt cheek.

So consider your impression this winter. Things as simple as lengthening or shortening your straps, moving your cartridge box, or moving your shoulder scales is easy in comparison to buying new equipment. More will come soon!

Cpl. A. Mackenzie Stowe
President, Venture Crew #4

(See the 1861 Uniform Regulations for more information. Webofficer)

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