February 2004


“The Warriors”

 “Noli Me Tangere (Don't Tread on Me)"


“At Manassas the Regulars taught the Army how to fight, at Gettysburg

                                                                they taught the Army how to die!"



Editor's Post:


Its 2004 already, the holiday season has come to a close and a new reenacting season is close at hand.  I had thought it would be a slow year, but as you can see from the list of possible events below, we have more than enough opportunities to keep busy.  We continue to attract new members.  Our “older” members continue to support us and we are seeing more activity from some of those who have been on frequent leave – to defend us for real, business and family.  We have the gear necessary to support our members and their families and, after years of waiting, we have a Regimental again (our old Regimental was stolen at Cedar Creek about 6 or 7 years ago).  The 1st Regiment of the USV is strong.  Lt. Col Burdell, and Majors Larry Allen and Rick Veen were re-elected to their positions at the January Meeting of the USV without opposition. 1st Regiment grew by over 80 rifles as a result of the Meeting with the 20th and 22nd Mass and the 148th PA.  I think we are now as big as 2nd.   The USV is strong as it continues to grow in numbers, in activity and with the new Mason/Dixon Alliance, between the USV and the 1st Division of the ANV, there is hope that we - the reenacting community and the USV in particular - can better influence events and – yes – discipline commanders on the field to keep with schedules and scenarios.  Better communication and a willingness to work directly with one another to solve problems (Kevlar reenacting, safety, scenario breakers and even camp support) are needed.  I don’t know if you know this but at one event there was a problem getting water to the ANV camp.  The sponsor said it would be fixed more than once.  It was not until the USV threatened to not go out that the problem was fixed – oh, let’s just say in a couple of minutes.    


I really am proud of you guys.  And it makes it fun to be associated with an established group, one that is clearly respected within the USV and the hobby.   Everyone, without exception, has contributed significantly, in terms of time and money, to the impression of the US Regulars, to the USV, to historical preservation, to the education of the public and frankly to the 4th and to the 12th.  Your efforts do not go unnoticed. 


We have the numbers -- on paper the 4th is over 30 strong.  With the 12th at larger events, we have over 50 rifles, one of the largest Line Companies in the USV.  The Bucktails have also been apart of the 1st Line Company of the USV, as we sponsored them.  They have grown in numbers and in leadership.  Whatever Chuck is doing, he is doing it right, because Bucktails from around the hobby are now flocking to him and the USV.  The down side to that, however, is that the USV will never (they have never) let us form a single Line Company of 100 or more men.  We would wrap around every other Line Company in the USV.  As a result, the Bucktails have been awarded their own USV Line Company.  We wish them well and continue to look forward working with them.


All that said, I am going to ask that you look at the list of events, commit to several – more than the minimum three that comes with the $50 dues so that we can do some smaller events – some living history at Ft. McHenry, for example (no registration fee) and do so with more than the 5 or six core members that usually show up.   It is frankly about as much work to do it for small events (planning, food and transportation of gear) as it is for large events.  We need to do small events to keep in touch with units on both sides, to recruit and to have more time together without the rush of a larger event. 


And finally, I would be remiss if I did not extend a very warm welcome to our newest Regulars, both of whom have extensive reenacting experience; John Showen, who several of us met along with his wife at Cedar Creek and more recently among the “Other” German troops at the Bulge – hey he was on our bus (Tom Linder brought us the Bucktails and now John) and, Deven Combs who has recently been assigned to Ft Meade.  Deven was a Civil War reenactor in California and participated in

events with the 4th US Inf at Ft.Tejon, CA.  We look forward to having Deven join us in the field. 



4th US Annual Rememberence Day Dinner


             As is our custom, the 4th US and several members of the 12th marched in full Regular regalia at the 140th  Annual Remembrance Day parade.  We led a column of over 1,000 USV Federals.  The “Right of the Line” looked and acted professional – doing honor to those that we portray – and, as anyone who has ever looked at a period Gettysburg address photo knows, the Regulars were present, wore their scales and Hardees and played an important role in the ceremony.    Because I was asked to lead the 1st Regiment in the absence of Burdell, Larry or Rick, I got a better “bird’s eye” view of the column.  It is good that we lead the USV. 


It was in that spirit, that we went to the Regular Monument – just down from the High Water Mark, rather than to our battlefield monuments over by the Valley of Death.  A ceremony was conducted and we then broke up to go to dinner.  The weekend was also enhanced by the live shoot that Lt Webster arranged for in Lancaster that Sunday.   I shot everything from automatics, to pistols, to my K98, to my 57, and my shotgun.  I think everyone enjoyed it – though I for one had a sore shoulder.  I really hope we can do that again next year.  Good weekend!


USV Annual Meeting


            The annual USV business meeting and social was held in Grantsville, PA., outside of Harrisburg.  As noted, the elections applicable to the 1st Regiment resulted in no surprises.  Lt. Col Burdell Waffler was re-elected without opposition, as was Maj. Larry Allen and Major Rick Veen.  In 2nd Regiment, however, there was a very emotional election, with Earl Avansano Jr. replacing Chuck Cole as the Junior Major of 2nd regiment.  We wish Earl well, and look forward to supporting Chuck in his new role as Provost for 2nd Regiment.


More importantly, the annual competition between the USV Regiments (the shoot off held at Cedar Creek every year), which has now been won by the 1st Regiment three years in a row – has been changed.  Cannot imagine why?  In addition to (I think) the shoot off, the competition will now involve a Regimental level field drill competition.  We will be asked to go through several maneuvers.    The purpose, of course, is to test Regimental and Line Company Commanders and the troops beyond being able to pull the trigger all at the same time.  I like it!  That said I am personally feeling the pressure – as the 1st Line Company – because, here again, the Regulars set the standard.   And oh how we (I) can screw it up….  Expect some drill at the company level and the Regimental Level this year.  Sergeants and Corporals, I will be relying on you to make sure everybody knows what to do and when - old, young and new.   The key is to recognize the commands -- the difference between “by Company into line” and “on the first company form column.”  We are going to need to know, for example, left face, by the left of companies to the rear, and by the “right of companies to the rear form column.”  I will paint a left and right on my shoes.


It is work.  I do understand that - to get time off, to load, travel, give up free time and get old – to play the game, contribute to camp life and to commit the time necessary, but if the unit is or has worked for you, and like me, you need a place to go – remember that you need to support the unit just as the unit tries to support you – or the unit will not be there for you.  Several units – old respected units in the USV and in other umbrella groups have been breaking up over the last couple of years– have disappeared recently or have broken up beyond recognition.  For some it is the tug of war between the campaigners and the mainstreamers.  For others breakups are over command and the event schedules.  As one of the oldest units in the hobby and the 1st to take on the Regular impression, we can work through those things, but you need to be here to make it work.  The 4th and 12th have always been recognized stalwarts of this hobby.  It is left to us to maintain that tradition.


 A Reminder


I hope this does not need to be said, but look, if you have a gripe, let it out.  This is your group/unit, and the noncoms, Gary, Larry and I will try to encourage group decisions.  I am continually amazed by how a lack of communication or worse – a miscommunication affects other units.  Nobody should feel left out, everybody is key and if we/I said it wrong – in the heat, in the hurry, in the I am already tired  or if I/we didn’t say anything (that is sometimes worse) – call me on it.  It may be a mistake, unintended or something we could or should have done differently.  It’s a hobby – but one we take seriously.   Just remember that the 4th is also a member of the 1st Regiment and the larger USV.  We do often have to make compromises to make the larger impression work. 


My two cents….We decided a long time ago to encourage families, on our street, in our mess, and around our campfires.  We accommodate all levels of the hobby - from those who want to do hard core campaign camping  to those who want to experience the more common (both in period and in reenacting) semi-permanent camp after the battle.   As I have noted before, all we ask is that folks get into period as soon as possible and stay there until the end of the event.  We can help each other out with cloths and gear.  What I am afraid of and do not want is to be pictured on the internet or approached by the authenticity police for some failure to “keep in under wraps.”  Because we are generally located on the edge of camp lay outs, we tend to be a bit more exposed - to other reenactors and to the public.  We are good about this and I have not gotten any complaints, but we can do better.  Please plan to try to keep your modern sleeping bags and gear - even in your tents - covered with canvas or a blanket.  It does bug me to see a florescent red or green (polyester) sleeping bag or a modern cooler sticking out from under a tent.   Enough said!



History of the 4th


At Gettysburg at what has been called the battle for the Round Tops, the 4th  shared in the losses of 50 officers and 920 men killed and wounded in the brigade having only 2500 men at the opening of the battle. After Gettysburg the retreating enemy was followed until, July 17th, the regiment reached Fayetteville, Va.; from thence it returned to the Rappahannock and Alexandria, thence to be ordered August 15th to New York to assist in suppressing the Draft Riots. A pleasant camp of three weeks in Washington Square was appreciated; as also the subsequent station at Forts Tompkins and Wood until April 25, 1864.

Then ordered to the front, the regiment joined the 9th Corps near Alexandria and participated in the battle of the Wilderness, Spottsylvania, North Anna River, Tolopotomy Creek and their connecting skirmishes. At Spotsylvania a line of volunteers line was falling back, the brigade commander gave the command, "Rally on the Fourth Infantry," a command not strictly according to the drill book but it answered its purpose. June 22, 1864, the regiment, now numbering but 134 men for duty, was ordered to City Point as guard to General Grant's headquarters. This duty it performed until the surrender of Appomatox. Then followed a tour of provost duty in Richmond and, July 15, 1865, a return to New York harbor.




            The following events are listed for your planning.  Remember that dues cover three registrations, whether or not you attend.  This is not viewed as a heavy schedule and it is certainly subject to change, but I would ask that special effort be made to attend those events underlined in particular.   To permit proper planning and registration, please review this schedule and let Mike Naliborski know which events you intend to attend (both with unit registration (dues fees) or as an add-on) ASAP.   We hope to add two or three Ft McHenry day trips to the list.  We will let you know if there is insufficient interest in any of the events to warrant taking it off the list.


The big issue is what we want to do in April (Nesheminy versus Kelly’s Ford) and May (with Recon, 140 Spotsylvania and New Market), with competing events on following weekends. Spotsylvania is supposed to be the big 140th for the season – so I, for one am inclined to do it and not New Market.  However, we have always enjoyed New Market and had good turnouts for New Market – though my guess is that is will be much smaller this year due to the competition with Spotsylvania. (Perhaps a good thing ?)   Please let us know your preferences ASAP so that we can chose the unit event.  As always members can go to both or any event and fall in with another USV unit, but it’s really which one we want to do as a unit.






Nordwind WWII

Ft. Indiantown GAP, Annville  PA. March 12-14, 2004.   Registration due to HRH Tim Kuntz NLT February 15th.  We may have to give up Endview for this.


Endview Plantation - March 19-21, New Port News, Va.*

Battle of Williamsburg.  Take I-64 near Richmond south to exit No. 247, follow signs to Endview.  This is a nice way to start the year, convoy down together and to support the 79th NY.  There are original earthworks. Full camping.  The only alternative discussed by the USV is to go all the way down for Andersonville. 





The Funeral of the Hunley Crew   Charleston, South Carolina
April 7-14, 2004.  Event Location Website:

This is not a reenactment, but will be, perhaps, the most unique event in the history of our hobby. A parade is planned for which Federal troops are being asked for.  Maggie Burke of the ANV spoke at the USV meeting and has worked on hard on securing hotel rooms at discounted rates for this weekend.   THIS OFFER IS OPEN EXCLUSIVELY TO MEMBERS OF THE MASON / DIXON ALLIANCE!


Neshaminy – April 24-25,  Ben Salem, Pa.

Neshaminy (Bensalem) Pennsylvania.  USV event, full camping  Neshaminy State Park system




140th Kelly’s Ford  April 30 – May 2

Held on the banks of the Rappahannock River.  I don’t know much about this but it sounds fun and easy to get to.  I will get more info.  Problem  is two weekends in a row.





Recon III  May 1-2

This is the campaigner event.  Scott Buffington of the 3rd Reg USV will command a Regiment of USV and NR troops.  Held near Brandy Station. VA.


140th Spotsylvania May 7-9, 2004 Historic Belvedere Plantation
The Mule Shoe.  Major USV push event for the year.  
The overall commanders of the re-enactment will be: Bob Tolar - Confederate and Dana Heim – Union.  Not since the Civil War Centennial observance in 1964 has Spotsylvania County been host to a large scale event remembering the drama of May 7-21, 1864. E-Mail:





140th New Market - May 17-18, 2003, New Market, Va.*

Battle of New Market, New Market, Va.* (Right off I-81) in the valley.  Held on the original battlefield, where cadets from Virginia Military Institute fought in 1864. A battle to be held each day, living history programs, and a dance Saturday night.





The Mason Dixon Alliance Encampment, June 4-6, 2004.

Where:  Neersville, Virginia on Loudon Heights.  When: June 4-6, 2004  This is the ANV / USV Tactical


Lynchburg  June 19-20

Held on 300 acres near Appomattox  Bounty being paid for Federals.   Saturday tactical & battle, military demonstrations, ladies' tea & fashion show, evening meal, period dance. Sunday period church service & battle. Performing throughout the weekend and for the dance will be the 2nd South Carolina String Band.   Sponsored by Appomattox Chamber of Commerce. Co-hosted by various Longstreet's Corps units. Precursor to 140th anniversary Battles of Appomattox & Lee's surrender.





Gettysburg  July  3-5



Near Boonsboro,  Ft. Stevens Maryland
July 16 - 18, 2004   An alternative to G-burg it is being held on part of the south Mountain battlefield.  Major USV push event for the year



Winchester, VA.  Sept 18,2004.  A one day living history event at the old Court House on Loudoun Street to mark eth 140th of the battle of Winchester.  Work with the 100th PVI of the 2nd Reg. USV.  Guard and hospital impressions sought.

Stanardsville, Virginia  Sept. 24-26, 2004  We are even back where we started in beautiful Greene County near Stanardsville


140th Cedar Creek - October 15 - 17, 2004*

Intersection of I-66 and I-81. Be there. Major USV push event for the year



Waterford -  NO DATES Yet.  Waterford, VA  (off Route 15 north of Leesburg, VA).  Great family outing .  Major craft fair in historic town that was loyal to the union and was protected by Federal troops throughout the war.  This year it is a full camping event by a vote of those who have attended in the past.    We put together a recruiting scenario with a table, papers, and the oath, but then we actually drilled the new recruits, "issuing" the kids Quaker muskets then drilled them in the basic maneuvers of marching, and an elementary version of the manual of arms. We then got a bit umm... courageous, we actually split up, and I took some of the kids and my pard took the other half, and we enacted a little skirmish for them to enjoy and their families to watch.  As well as the rest of our unit, who had various roles in the scenario.





Remembrance Day - Nov. 2003, Gettysburg, Pa.

Remembrance Day.  Mandatory event because we continue our new tradition of having our annual  business party/dinner afterward.  Don’t miss the memory gifts and I would like to have a slide show!!!  Besides, we need the numbers to complete the impression of Regulars leading the USV.




Fredricksburg, Va.  December 13-14,2003

This is a local event, but its fun.  We will do the walk through with the book Sykes Regulars and walk on the same streets and come up to the wall with the Regulars.



Standing Orders


Finally, gentlemen, the following orders have been issued:


1.                  Please review the e-mail addresses to be sure they are complete and forward to any missing members.   Please copy me, I really don’t want to miss anyone.  Addresses change and we often find ourselves using old reply listings.


2.                  Dues are due - .  All 2004 dues (and any 2003 overdue dues) are now due.  Because of rising registration fees (there are no $4 events anymore) dues were raised to $50 dollars per military participant.  Other family members are free.  As before, if a family member wishes a vote, the $50 dues are expected.  Included in the $50 dues, the unit will pay for 3 event military registrations.   This is to help plan for events and to facilitate our ability to register as a block/group.  It also “encourages” participation in 3 events – which is considered mandatory, but the member can select which ones he/she wants the unit to pay for from the schedule or priority high interest events.  Registration beyond the three events (and for family members) is the responsibility of the member (as it has always been, but if you let Mike know it can all be done together -  with the goal being that we will be able to identify those events folks are interested in.  Send dues and other related registration fees (figure on $8 per event per person) to and make checks payable to our Treasurer :  MIKE NALIBORSKI, at 8292 WATERSIDE  CT, FREDRICK, MD 21701  (301) 846-9388.

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